Sona Sásta Babies

Sona Sásta Babies – Precrawling Clinic  

The early months with a baby can be challenging especially if they are showing signs of being in distress. 


Some reasons parents seek treatment for their babies include: 

  •  unsettled infant behaviour 
  • digestive discomfort e.g. wind, colic, reflex 
  • sleep issues 
  • head preference to one side, plagiocephaly, torticollis 
  • feeding issues and tongue tie


We use gentle manual therapy techniques, combined with functional exercises to help optimise oral motor development, primitive reflexes, sensory integration and  nervous system regulation. 


We work in collaboration with local IBCLC’S and tongue tie release providers.


Siobhán has undertaken training in paediatric osteopathy, biodynamic cranial osteopathy, primitive reflex integration, infant oral  motor function and pre/post frenectomy therapy. She is currently training in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (Possums Programme). 


Please contact Siobhán on 086 3665716 or to discuss the individual needs of your baby before booking.